Principal Developer

San Diego/Irvine/Austin/Remote, United States


The Principal Developer is the pinnacle of Fairway’s developer track. Already technical experts, Principals have honed their consulting skills to a deeper understanding of each customer’s unique business problems. Intangible, incomplete or inarticulate information doesn't discourage the Principal Developer who looks forward to the challenge of solving the nebulous. Principals are the de-facto experts in their fields which span a variety of technologies and stacks. Furthermore, they have a complete understanding of software, both in terms of underlying technology and how that software can be used to solve business problems.

Principals are adept at explaining complex technical concepts in terms appropriate to any audience, including the non-technical, project managers, and executives. Principals are comfortable presenting in front of technical experts and executives alike. Principals are mentors, reference points, leaders, role models, and resident know-it-alls. Principals have also taken on the role of representing Fairway publicly and can speak, teach and give interviews on behalf of Fairway.

Universal Skills

Every Fairway developer must possess the following set of fundamental skills:



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